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Fortunately, PubMed is the free Public version of the extensive database known as MedLine. You can access PubMed here –

The search engine for PubMed is easy to use. You simply need to enter the terms of interest. Searches can be limited to specific types of articles, years of publication, languages, etc. On the PubMed search page, click on “limits” to see the ways in which searches can be refined.

Another option would be to use Google Scholar. This is an Internet search that filters your search results to academic articles. You can access Google Scholar here –

The results you see using either of these methods will likely be limited to just the abstract which provides a short summary of the article. Free access to many full articles is limited to those affiliated with an academic institution. Fortunately though we are now starting to see many more journals that provide free online full-text articles.

Here are a couple of websites that will link you to free full-text articles for certain journals:

Directory of Open Access Journals:

High Wire Press:

Spend some time doing a literature search on a topic of interest to you. Read over some of the abstracts. See if you are able to access any free full-text articles on the topic you searched on.

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