Community of Practice Copy

The concepts of community education and building community capacity are huge tasks. They require a coordinated and ongoing effort by many individuals who are dedicated to idea of improving community response and treatment for early psychosis. These are not tasks that you need to, nor should, undertake alone.

There are many other EPI clinicians within your region and across the community that you can join forces with. You can also help to support one another, share resources, and learn from each other. A group of individuals with a similar practice such as this are sometimes referred to as a “community of pratice” (CoP).

The term CoP was only developed recently by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger (in the 1990s) but they are the first to admit that the concept has been around forever. It is simply a group of individuals with the same practice (i.e., profession, trade, skill, etc.) who learn, share and support one another in a naturally evolving manner.

Communities of practice often occur within one’s physical workspace (e.g., lunch room) but they can also occur online (e.g., discussion board). Within the field of mental health, CoP have proven effective in providing support to clinicians, enhancing learning and promoting positive practice change.

At some point during the training, you will be signed up for the BC EPI CoP if you haven’t been already.  Through this EPI CoP, you will be connected to other EPI Clinicians in BC and be invited to any educational events held by teleconference or webinar.