Assignment VII – Online Discussion Copy

Instructions: This assignment involves the participation in an online discussion which is scheduled to occur within a specific date range. Please refer to your course schedule for these dates. During these dates, you are to discuss the following topic via the online discussion board or group blog. Throughout this course, there will be a total of six such discussions. Participation in four of the six discussions is required to complete the course.

Topic: Antipsychotic Medication: Antipsychotic medication is an essential part of the treatment of early psychosis. While the responsibility for prescribing the medication falls to the psychiatrist or general practitioner, clincians have an important role with respect to exploring issues around medication adherence and side effects. Describe an incidence where you were faced with challenges about a client’s medication (e.g., stopped taking their medication against adivce, gained significant weight as a side effect, etc.). What were the things you were able to do to help? How do you/would you approach discussing sexual side effects of medications with your clients? Alternatively, feel free to brainstorm with the group on any medication-related issue you are encountering on your current caseload.

Please keep your postings relatively brief and feel free to make multiple postings on this topic. The idea here is to try to generate discussion on medication-related issues. Any such posting on this topic will be granted a point for participation.

You will be able to mark this section complete after you have participated in the associated forum discussion.

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