Assignment I – Written Assignment Copy

Instructions – In a one or two page Word document, please answer the following questions. This assignment should be submitted to your instructor via the “Upload File” link at the bottom of this page (where your reading progress is recorded) by the due date indicated on your course schedule.

Remember to read both the online readings and the information contained in your text readings (as indicated on the overview page) before completing the assignment.

ASSIGNMENT – The Prodrome and At-Risk States

Submit BRIEF answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the more common signs and symptoms associated with the prodromal stage of psychosis?
  2. How does the prodrome differ from someone deemed to be experiencing an at-risk state (i.e., ultra high risk/at-risk mental state)
  3. How would you best distinguish between normative adolescent behaviour and developmental changes and an at-risk state (i.e., ultra high risk/at-risk mental state)?
  4. If you suspect someone is in an at-risk state, what type of clinical care is most appropriate and why?

Written work should be limited to a single page if possible.

Once you have completed the assignment, submit it to your instructor and begin working on the next module. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions regarding the assignment.

Assignments meeting acceptable standards will be granted a “pass”. Revisions may be requested if further information or clarification is needed.

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