Challenges with Medications

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      I am currently in a situation where my EPI client has stopped taking his medications. He has a diagnosis of unspecified psychotic disorder and Cannabis use disorder. He is on a monthly injection of Paliperidone, is voluntary and missed two doses of his injection previously. Client disclosed to us that the reason he doesn’t want his injection is because he isn’t noticing a difference. We met with him yesterday and while my client unfortunately couldn’t recognize signs that he was decompensating, upon assessing him it was evident that he was in active psychosis. We provided psychoeducation and discussed the pros and cons of remaining on his injection and reducing the use of cannabis. We reminded him about the success he had maintaining employment while being on a medication. As his clinician I asked what he would find helpful in ensuring he didn’t miss appointments, etc. I offered to provide reminder calls, reminder text messages and coordinate rides if required. We also discussed whether he was experiencing side effects. He explained that he didn’t like the feeling of being on a medication – he felt drowsy, sedated and “not like himself.” As a team we discussed alternative medications and therapies and our client was open to this discussion. I feel that our approach of including our client in the decision making process was effective with a positive outcome of him agreeing to remain on his medication for the time being.

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      That sounds like a great outcome Christina, taking into consideration how client is doing and recognizing client is decompensating and having honest conversations about medications, sounds like it was a helpful conversation for the client.

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      I liked how you ensured to make the client part of this vital conversation on medication and alternative approaches, this I am sure allowed the client the self determination and respect to voice his opinions and concerns regarding his pharmacological care.

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