I appreciate how the exploratory questions for psychosis form centers the families experience in living/caring for an individual with psychosis. As we have discussed previously in the course, the family’s experience can be so often times overlooked when an individual with a mental illness is receiving care. I feel like many questions on this form can help validate the family members’ experiences of the changes/challenges that can occur that can often be overlooked. For example – asking about the practical impact on things like daily essential tasks like cooking, cleaning etc. I also believe that exploring these types of questions with families can be a useful tool in emphasizing the importance of caregiver’s finding ways to ensure their own needs are met and to not neglect their own health.

Working on intake, I can appreciate the Assessing Knowledge about Psychosis form. For many of the family members I am working with on intake may not have previous experience with psychosis or have an understanding of how to navigate the mental health system. In contrast, sometimes I will work with families who have previously dealt with psychosis and have extensive knowledge/prior experience. I will be using some of these questions to help assess what the family’s current knowledge is to provide the most appropriate psychoeducation and meet the family where they are at.