Thanks for sharing your post Amanda!

Great points about protective factors. Coping and social supports are both so important. Even just pointing out an individuals protective factors goes a long way to aiding in that person’s recovery by helping them to see and understand their own strengths. I also like your comments about positive relationships. I would add that even if family may not be a positive support it would be important to support the individual in repairing that relationship if able, regardless of how long it may take. Additionally, I think clients will often struggle with feelings of being alone or having to navigate their psychosis/mental health on their own, so pointing out the positive relationships in their lives may help them to realize they are not alone, that they can do this, and that its OK to need support. Even if it may seem like it at times, we don’t have to do “life” alone. I think that is an important message that our clients and families need to know.