Yes! Although the EPI model has proven, that in the majority of cases, family involvement is incredibly important for successful outcomes I have also worked with families who negatively impacted the client’s ability to get well. I have worked with parents who have had very unrealistic expectations as Preya pointed out in her post; parents who just want us to “fix” their loved one asap and end up needing a lot of education and support around mental health treatment and relapse. We have had family members go to the media because their loved one is not “cured” after years of different treatments. I have experienced this most with Bipolar disorders as family does not understand that there is no cure and ongoing treatment will always be a part of the person’s life. I have also had parents discourage or not allow client’s to take their medications or engage in other treatment….sometimes it feels like the family member(s) are more of the client than the client themselves. However, I think that supportive family being involved is absolutely priceless and I have seen some amazing collaboration and support!