Hi everyone!

One challenge I am facing related to medication compliance involves working with families that have differing parental beliefs and approaches. I have one client on my caseload with one parent who believes medications are helpful while the other believes in homeopathic remedies. One challenge that I have started to recognize is the influence of one parent on the other- in this case, the partner initially in alignment with EPI recommendations is starting to admit dislike of their child being on medications. I am concerned that these beliefs will also influence the compliance of the client who, also initially, has been compliant to following physician recommendations to take medications.

I feel like it is important to maintain rapport with both parents so that we do not cause splitting in the family, but this can be tricky to navigate especially if psychiatrists’ recommendations are based on Western science vs. homeopathic treatment, and this may alienate one family member vs. the other. I noticed a comment posted above from another EPI professional who noticed family education can be helpful! We are offering family groups as well, and the purpose of this seems to be in providing a consistent and united message for families to follow. The parent in favour of homeopathic remedies chose not to participate in this group while the other parent is continuing to engage… Our hope as a team is that further education will provide further clarity, but I wonder if anyone else has any other recommendations.

Also, I wonder if anyone else has experienced a scenario in which their client starts to adopt beliefs of the parent and question why they are taking medications…. Curious about what strategies were used to navigate this! Thanks!