Reply To: Groups


Hi Laura,

I appreciate your example on difference of approach: educational / formal / highly structured, versus social / informal / more process-based. I appreciate your acknowledgement that one is not better than the other. It is difficult for me to do so as I am biased toward more social / informal / process-based groups. In my experience, groups that are more client-directed and informed get more engagement, and this can be built into any group. Process-based groups based on principles of power-sharing (rather than educator as “expert”) can help develop belonging, mastery and crystallize knowledge from a place of story and deep knowing. However, some people prefer more educational / formal / structured groups, and this could be related to ability, culture, age, etc. You are right, neither one is wrong or better than the other, as long as facilitators, groups and systems maintain respect and care.

I suppose this is where pre-interviews could be helpful – in identifying group member’s preferences ahead of time.