Reply To: Medication Adherence


Hi everyone,

I wholeheartedly agree that forming and maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship is the best foundation for tackling this issue. This can create a safer space to carefully challenge thoughts, with less chance of them becoming defensive, and explore their understanding of risks associated with medication adherence. I am working with a young man right now that continues to trial medication for a matter of days before deciding that it is not effective for him and he will subsequently create his own concoction. I have tried to encourage him to bring in old medications to start from scratch and reduce the risks associated with this practice, but to no avail. I’ve leaned on my team a lot for consultations to try and come up with other solutions. For him, it seems he is looking for a miracle. My current approach has been to increase education around medication effectiveness and to reiterate the message that no medication will instantaneously cure all and be without side effects. I also find for him that the approach needs to be quite kind and gentle, as noted by others, he has pressures from enough outside sources that my support needs to feel like I am working alongside him rather than directing him in any way.