Reply To: Reintegration


Hi everyone, I really enjoy this process of supporting our clients to return to meaningful activity following an acute episode of psychosis or longer-term mental health concerns. I start by exploring what their life looked like before psychosis and/or hospitalization, were they working, in school, unengaged in any activities? I explore if they are hoping to return to those same activities in the same capacity, whether they are open to adapting their schedule, or bringing in new activities. My experience ranges from clients who are eager to return to full-time/work or school to clients who need some support exploring what is next for them; regardless, we want to assess their capacity, their insight, and judgement to best set them up for success. I appreciate what everyone else has said in this post about potential influences and whether pressure is coming from family to “get it together”, especially when there has been long term mental health concerns. I agree that the clients have to be interested in engaging and group or 1-on-1 work with OT, RT, and case management is a great segway to reintegration.