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Hi everyone,
Kade – I echo your thoughts on the challenge between balancing supporting clients and fostering independence when considering their reintegration back into the community. I am finding that it is especially important when considering whether it is time to “push” clients more towards independence to consider their phase of recovery. I have a client currently who was just recently hospitalized for FEP and discharged only a week ago. His mother is reporting that because he is feeling better, which is a positive, he is wanting to return to a lot of his former activities that he had not been able to do prior to his hospitalization. This was a good opportunity for me to provide some psychoeducation on the phases of recovery and have a discussion with the client and his mom around where the client is at currently. In this discussion we were able to determine some realistic goals for client which would be appropriate for this period is his recovery that would not risk over-stressing the client and triggering a possible decompensation or relapse.