Reply To: Reintegration


Thank you everyone for the discussion! I agree with everything mentioned around family support, listening to the client’s goals/concerns (client centered approach), and using groups as a stepping stone. I wanted to highlight what Robert said regarding the involvement of other EPI team members to support the process of reintegration. In my role as a dietitian, the goals I support clients with that relate specifically to reintegration might include becoming more independent with meal planning, grocery shopping and preparation of healthy meals. These skills often take time to develop, and are essential for young adults wanting to get back to their work or school routines. Having support from other EPI team members like LSW makes a huge different in being able to support clients with these functional goals. Our LSWs run a bi-monthly cooking group which not only targets goals around cooking skills, but the social component that comes with reintegration. We are also fortunate to have a vocational rehab counsellor to work with clients on a return to work/school plan when they express interest and show readiness to do so.