Reply To: Reintegration


I have a client who has a lot fo the common treatment adherence challenges: doesn’t believe he has a psychitric illness, fears the illness will be lifelong; stigma around medication; and that he’s ‘feeling better’ (and doesn’t need treatment anymore). Regarding receovery supports in the form of 1:1 counselling and group work he only briefly attended groups with ‘Dealing with Psychosis’ being the initial one. It has taken many discussions and strategies with the client, directly or indirectly (through is parents) to have the client entertain the idea of actually attending groups or 1:1 counselling support. He was never argumentative but with passive resistance. Only until recently that he has now had two 1:1 counselling sessions with one of our EPI counsellors; has said “it was good, yeah”. He is on the waitlist for the next cohort of DBT & Dealing with psychosis. Both can be a lot of effort and homework. Yesterday he said he’d be more into the idea of doing groups. Historically clients for me, even with some social anxiety, were more willing to be in a group instead of 1:1 (plus groups were more available,) as they were reminded they didn’t have to say anything in the group, and simultaneously don’t have to really reveal themselves to anyone or self-reflect, and certainly not feel the pressure in a 1:1 counselling session. My client has done the opposite of this where the more intimate experience of a counselling session appeared to allow him to relax enough to trust the experience, and maybe slightly be open to the facets of recovery support options, and in the form of learning, experiencing, and sharing in a group setting.