Reply To: Reintegration


Hey Victoria,

I really like that you added the education piece to help clients be able to explain their psychosis to someone if they need to. I think that providing education can really help with the client’s autonomy and confidence when returning back to work or school. I completed agree that adjusting the schedule to begin might be helpful to reduce stress which can increase risk of relapse. As well, for some of our clients, we have suggested that they do Cognitive Remediation Therapy with our OT to begin working on some of those skills that might help them return to work or school. As I am the Recreation Therapist with Richmond EPI, scheduling consistent appointments with my clients to participate in a leisure activity can also be helpful to gain skills to go back to work. For example, going to a gym with a client at a specific time would ensure that they are practicing their time management skills, being consistent, maintaining a daily routine, and showing up for appointments. This can help build skills and confidence to go back to work or school.