Reply To: Reintegration


Hello all,
As an EPI nurse clinician I rely heavily on the Life Skills Worker (LSW) for help when it comes to return to work or school. On my end I help develop plans with the client that support their learning. Often the plan includes the LSW supporting the client attending appointments with the client at WorkBC for resume building or helping the client learn to navigate public transit so they could attend school. I have several clients in the 19 – 22 age range that feel they’re too old to return to high school but are willing to get their diploma through distance education and I’ve offered my office space at scheduled times as a place to sit and work on school work.
I’ve found communication and collaboration have been important aspects to support and encourage a gradual reintegration. Being from a rural community there is limited access to Occupational Therapists and support groups. However, in the near future a MHSU Peer Support Program will be up and running with the flexibility to hopefully add a peer that can support a person who has experienced psychosis with navigating working or school.