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I agree that reintegration is a more manageable task with a more robust support team, whether that can include natural supports, groups or involvement with other community supports. I can see how EPI groups especially can be a helpful opportunity to try out social reintegration in a more controlled and low pressure situation. As discussed, groups can also ideally create a sense of supportive community and hopefully give clients an opportunity to feel empowered in what they can share to support their peers recovery. However, as Kade introduced, the difference in client’s access to resources could make creating a group that is able to meet each member where they are challenging. I have also experienced in practice how priorities look different for young folks who do not have stable access to their basic needs. As I’m sure is the case in many communities, our area has a critically low rental vacancy rate, virtually no access to subsidized housing and rental rates that are far above what PWD or even a lower wage full time job can afford. Even for our clients who are able to stay with their parents, looking at pursuing more housing independence is a huge step and stepping into a full time job early in recovery is not a realistic option for many. In the face of such large systemic barriers, it is helpful that we as EPI programs can provide such intensive support. Though groups pose their own challenges, it seems that building a community among clients is a protective factor we as clinicians can have an impact on.