Reply To: Reintegration


I appreciate the posts here. My experiences working with individuals who are ready to return to work, school and other meaningful activities has been to sit down with them and having open conversations about what their expectations are and to emphasize the possibility of burn out if they take on too much and begin to overwhelm themselves. I review signs and symptoms they may experience, such as low energy, poor sleep, appetite and alteration in their mood. If there are options where my clients can be supported through a disabilities academic counsellors, we will connect with them together. I also feel it’s important to have an understanding of what my client’s goals are so that we can narrow it down and focus on the goal in steps; such as, if their goal is to return to work and the main goal is disclosure, we will create a script as to how much or little information they would like to share with their employer. Keeping in mind that every client’s situation is unique, honoring decision is very important. These are just a few examples!