Reply To: Reintegration


I agree with all of the above comments. In order to return to previous school or work tasks it would be important to review the youth’s goals and look for ways to support them with making effective goals for a successful return. I think it is important to let them know these activities will likely look different for awhile and to acknowledge they may need time and more support in order to be as productive as they may have been before experiencing the initial psychosis. I think it would also be important to use tools to assist with reviewing motivation to returning to school or work, these tools can look at values or benefits to making effective goals for these activities, and allows the youth to make decisions on their own. Groups could be effective in supporting this return, a group could support youth in learning how to talk about psychosis, medications and possible side effects and how to improve social skills. We don’t have any groups like this in my community but I can see how such a group could be helpful in normalizing behaviours for youth experiencing psychosis. I also agree that it is a great idea to connect youth to other community services, this models positive community connections and ways to help youth problem solve and learn about other resources available to them.