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Hi Kade,
Thank you for sharing such a fullsome post on reintegration. I agree clients who have supportive families versus those who do not can make a large difference. As a community nurse we have to be resourceful to find extra community supports for these youth often as they agree to it for further support, such as groups, peer support, professional support, or cultural support. Every client is so different thus meeting them where they are at may look different care to case, what support with reintegration looks like to them.
I have also noticed encouraging youth to track their goals with learning plans or journaling can help as they can have those prompts to also reflect on their progress, have a concrete evidence for themselves.
I agree when you mention healthcare can not replace natural support systems, though hopefully with support building some connections the youth can start to have some more organic supports.

I would love to see what else others have to share on this topic, any other helpful hints.