Reply To: Reintegration


Hey Victoria,

I agree with all the points you’ve made above! I just wanted to add onto the importance of the goal setting process which can be used when helping clients return to school/work/other meaningful activities. It’s imperative that the idea comes directly from the client and is not too heavily swayed by other people in their lives. For example, there are often times when family members or care providers believe the client should return to a specific activity, which likely would benefit the client in some way. However, we still need some buy-in from the client themselves in order for any progress to actually be made towards these goals/activities. I think it’s important to hear the client’s long-term goals and dreams and then help them set some shorter term goals that can help them towards achieving their long-term objectives. In this process, it’s also important to identify any potential barriers or obstacles that may get in the way of their goals and then make plans/short term goals to address them. Offering to provide assistance and support throughout the process and being able to follow-up when help is needed in a timely manner is also important. Connecting clients to other community resources that focus primarily on things like return to work/school or other community activities can be a helpful step as they often have more resources and specific local knowledge that greatly benefits our clients.