Reply To: Medication Adherence


Hi Victoria,

I agree with you that I am also quite new to EPI, and I am currently working as a YCW in community, so I do not get that much information about clients in regard to medications. But, as a YCW, I have come across many clients that are either gaining a lot of weight rapidly, or are very lethargic due to the medications that they are taking, so they often express their concerns to me about the side effects of the medications, and I will go with them out into the community to get some exercise, or do a variety of different activities with them to get them out of the house. This helps them gain more motivation, because they always bring up that they leave the sessions feeling so much better.
I have also not experienced any clients about discussing any sexual side effects, but in clinical discussions, a few nurses have brought up having some male clients that struggle with low libido, and the nurses try to be as understanding as possible.