Reply To: Medication Adherence


Hi Victoria and Grace,

I am also new to EPI, so I am in a similar position as Victoria. I am just starting to encounter clients who struggle to take their medication. Currently, I have a client who does not want to take medication because they are concerned about their weight and appearance. This client has been bullied in the past, so it makes sense appearing a certain way is important to them. Grace, I found your suggestion to offer continuous/ongoing psycho-ed helpful. This client was not provided much information on why the medication changes their weight, and they might feel like they have more agency in responding to the side effects if they know why their body is changing in the first place. I also reviewed the suggestions for managing side effects that were provided in this module, and found a youth worker who would be able to help the client participate in regular exercise. Instead of trying to help this client not worry about weight, I want to support them in feeling like they have tools to know how to navigate side effects. I am happy to hear more suggestions on how to navigate medication non-compliance related to weight gain.