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I recently had a discussion with my client regarding cannabis use. My client has been struggling resisting the temptation of using cannabis. He had an incident once that he went to ask for smoke from a neighbour when he stepped out of home. As a result, his parents grounded him at home and limited his outdoor activities until he can be mentally strong enough to resist the temptation. Client understood the harm and risks of reusing cannabis, however he felt that staying at home isn’t healthy to his mental health and wellbeing.

I acknowledged that using cannabis used to be an important activity to the client. It had its meaning to client, it occupied his time, and it probably connected client to a particular social network. I validated and normalized client’s craving of using cannabis. I made a comparison to breaking up with someone and it’s ok to think about it or even miss it. I addressed cannabis use as an old habit and discussed the strategies on how to replace old habits with new habits. Client has identified his goals and values, made action plans to increase his participation in meaningful activities. My strategy is to support him to implement activities to keep his body & mind busy on more meaningful activities.