Reply To: Client Family Education


Hi Holly,
I think that’s a good point to bring up concerns about language. We really never know how someone may interpret what we are trying to say, though we can certainly try and make an informed guess once we get to know them a bit better! To one person ‘burden’ may be a great choice of word yet to the next, it could be problematic..
To navigate that specific question with ‘burden’ I might just preface it with something like “some people might describe caregiving to be like a burden at times, if framed this way, who might be shouldering the brunt of the burden in your family?”. I think if we acknowledge in our conversations that people describe things differently, it allows for a wider use/application of the word and maybe some conversation around how else it might better be described. And like Michele points out, I think if we use it to guide conversation rather than a structured tool it gives room for us to make it fit for the folks we’re supporting.