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Hi Kade,
I agree with you that these exploratory questions might help the family to feel your care about their early experiences (because having some insight about the things they’ve faced feels like you “get” them and care.). For the first two years of their family member’s prodrome and decline into psychosis, they were in the care of a system that predominantly treats visible behaviour, and predominantly treats the individual (or so I assume, as that’s typical care as usual and they seemed to be fatigued by the time their family member was in the inpatient unit, and at last, referred for this specialized care). This reminds me of hearing the exhaustion of people who notice something isn’t quite right and it takes years of appointments and assessments with well-meaning generalist professionals before they finally arrive at specialized care (like with MS, ASD, or a lot of auto-immune disorders). Coming alongside their experience, the difficulty they’ve faced, the misunderstanding they experienced, is likely to warm and soften the defences that had to be there – they likely faced multiple unsatisfactory interactions, and in response, became distrusting of “the system”. I honestly think many of the families we work with experience something like this, and need support through a grieving process. A lot hasn’t worked before they arrive at our teams, and they’ve been feeling pretty alone. No surprise some feel “It’s us against the rest of the world”. I’m so glad you’re finding and considering ways to come alongside them, to heal the big divide between these parents and the EPI providers.
From this place of relationship, candor and inviting their thoughts and observations, even if they resolve to ease off a medication (against the team’s advice), they may be open to tracking signs that it’s too soon to wean off, or that some of the early signs start returning in the coming months, at which point we’d hope they would support a medication re-start.