Reply To: Client Family Education


Yes Bart, and others,
Lately, my EPI team has been reiterating the value and importance of involving the friends/family/supports to support the client but also themselves, and thus better support the client. Our team feels that we aren’t doing enough focus our energy more on these members of the client’s ‘support team’. It doesn’t mean we sacrifice our efforts with the client but put more effort and mindfulness into the client’s community/family supports. Although I’m pretty new to my EPI team, and maybe it’s my insecurity around being capable enough to support the clients…and their supports appropriately and effectively but I don’t feel I yet have enough skills and knowledge to support the family/client support members well enough through psychoeducation etc.

As a team we plan on brainstorming what we feel is absent or under-focused upon in supporting families/supports. In my other experiences working as a nurse, and as a mental health worker in psychosocial recovery homes/program and developmental/intellectual group homes is that families/client supports often respond well to being offered even a little amount of focus/support on them from myself and my co-workers. It is amazing what relationship can develop between us as care providers/supports and client support members if even that initial little connection is made. I’ve had family members in tears thanking me for reaching out to them. This is the ‘ice-breaker’ moment of the working relationship with families/supports. It warms my heart to know that am there to help them know that their not alone and that support DOES exist for them specificlly (though arguably not enough.