Reply To: Client Family Education


Jagjit, thank you for beginning this discussion. Breeanne, I agree with your consideration of which questions are asked at which phase of recovery. To me, this speaks to the unique relationships we create with each individual and family and the trust we have in ourselves to assess, in a trauma-informed way. Sally, I love your introduction of cultural and social context into this conversation – thank you.

These exploratory questions are a great framework. I see these questions being helpful in working with families and tailoring psychoeducation to each family.
One critique I have of these questions is: many clients share fear, anxiety, insecurity, and concern that they are a burden. One of these questions specifically asks “who would you say is shouldering most of the burden at the moment?” My critique is: what do we mean by burden here? When we use this language, I believe it’s important for us to be specific or for us to find new language to describe this. Does this question indicate a bias held by much of society? Does anyone have any ideas on alternate ways we could ask this question? Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this.