I have limited experience with working as an EPI nurse so having some exploratory questions to slip into a conversation can really assist in building future psychoeducation sessions with caregivers/family of a client. It can also assist when conducting a motivational interview with a client if there is a more complete picture. However, I have found I get some pushback from family of clients who may be experiencing prodromal symptoms of psychosis.. the word ‘psychosis’ still has a lot of stigma attached to it and in that regard I’ve found that the Exploratory Questions in Assessing the Impact of Psychosis upon the Family are more palatable in the early stages.
I agree with Breeanne, using the exploratory questions does help normalize the some of the experiences which helps reduce stigma which helps create a more therapeutic relationship which helps the clinician. I also agree with Jagjit and find myself focused too much on the client and can use these exploratory questions to provide more of a holistic view. There are peer reviewed studies showing the improved responses to treatment of psychosis if an individual receives social support from their circle of care. Using questions helps identify the family’s involvement, their base knowledge, and their willingness to participate and helps counter any misinformation they may have found while searching psychosis on the internet.