Hi Bart and Jagjit,
I agree that these questions can be helpful in supporting clients’ family members with normalizing some of their experiences, reducing stigma, and supporting clinicians to determine where to target psychoeducation. Although I do think that we need to mindful of which questions we are asking them and when, to be aware of which phase of recovery the client and their family are in before jumping into some of these questions. For example, asking more practical questions such as “When was the last time you had some time to relax and enjoy yourself?” may be more appropriate during the acute or early recovery phase to help family members identify the importance of self care and self care strategies during this particularly stressful time. Alternatively, asking questions that are more emotionally charged such as asking about regrets, bad memories, or nightmares may be better received during the recovery stage when things have settled and they may be in a better position to reflect on their experience and the lasting impact it has had on their own well-being and functioning.