Reply To: Challenges of Care with COVID-19


Hi all, I would echo that the acceptance from Island Health for virtual means of connecting with clients (i.e. text communication, zoom, etc) have decreased barriers for some clients. I have heard from many of our youth when offered either in-person or virtual visits, that they predominantly prefer in-person. It can be a challenge when certain services are offered only virtual, such as psychiatry, and the youth feels as though they were unable to fully connect or express their mental health and wellbeing to someone so impactful as a psychiatrist. In addition, I have found that when I am driving a youth around and I am wearing a mask and they are not, that it can be stigmatizing for them and easily identifies them as a person receiving service, which I find is a barrier to building trust, rapport, and relationship. That being said – I appreciate our PPE and infection control very much! Just some thoughts, Adrienne.