Reply To: Challenges of Care with COVID-19


I really enjoyed reading your post Mariam, your experience and reflections on working in inpatient psychiatry during the pandemic were helpful as someone who is newer to the field. With recent masking requirements coming back into play in my health authority, I am trying to find ways to communicate and connect after losing that direct face-to-face contact. While the COVID-19 pandemic might be over, we are now living in a world post-COVID, the virus is endemic and it seems will continue to be something we must consider in our healthcare spaces. This means that masking and other PPE precautions will be required more often and in more spaces than prior to the first COVID outbreak. This poses a particular challenge to us working in Mental Health, as you mentioned Mariam, virtual assessments have limitations, and in-person might not be an option. I appreciated all of the insight and experience other clinicians have shared on this forum