Reply To: Challenges of Care with COVID-19


Hi everyone,
I am relatively new to EPI. I’ve primarily worked with the adult population throughout my career so having to utilize so many of these assessment tools is a new process. However, I can appreciate having these available and being a part of the EPI Program. I think the tools are a great way to keep information on the client’s progress and goals updated. I also agree with many that the COVID-19 pandemic greatly changed the way we made connections with out clients. Many of my clients till prefer phone or virtual appointments; however, I continue to encourage an outreach visit if not in the office. As a Clinician I also worry how the affects of the pandemic have left many of our clients isolated, and some who continue to remain isolated. I’ll be the first to admit that I often forget to utilize the assessment tools because I get into a routine with my clients with our regular check-ins after the initial assessment. I have not used the 2-Com before but upon reviewing it, I can see that I already use this assessment tool informally with my clients during our weekly/biweekly check-ins.