Reply To: Patient Centered Assessments


I would echo the sentiment of the thread that the 2-Com appears to be a useful tool for gathering broad information on the client of how they are functioning and challenges they might be having. It seems like a decent base for many other follow up questions to be asked and can help clients vocalize what they might not be able to otherwise pinpoint what is “off” from their baseline. I don’t have to much to add to the general commentary of this assessment, though two things that stand out to me with my background coming from a counselling perspective, is that I appreciate that it incorporates a consent/trauma-informed approach of asking “would you like to talk about it?” which respects the choice of the client to engage or not in personal topics. The second part that I also like is that the question of “[aside from medication] are you satisfied with your treatment?” which invites clients to provide feedback about their service, brings transparency and allows for potential change in their care, and gives opportunity for ways that their care team can improve service.