Hi Everyone,

I considered myself lucky to be on maternity leave during the start of the pandemic and returned to work at the beginning of 2021. Having been out of the office for 18 months and then returning to this strange new world of heath care, it was a shock. It really help me to reflect on the experiences of my clients during the time away. While I didn’t necessarily like the shift to virtual care, I love it now. the fact that our clients and their families have options for care delivery, really helps them to feel they have choices. Switching to a virtual appointment when they would otherwise cancel because of travel or time constraints, or even physical illness, has helped keep them connected to their care team.

Being new to EPI and knowing personally that I really like paper and scales, the 2 COM is a welcome tool. I feel like it helps to provide structure and direction when sessions aren’t flowing or we are feeling stuck. Also, as I am taking over from another clinician, it has helped me to get to know clients and create a starting point for us working together.