Reply To: Challenges of Care with COVID-19


Hi Robert, I had similar thoughts (unrelated to the pandemic pieces). As a new mental health clinician, I find it challenging to tease apart what a severe presentation of psychotic symptoms looks like, versus what an ’at-risk’ presentation looks like. At this stage in my understanding, I think relying on assessments provides a helpful foundation to understand my client’s symptoms more fully. For example, I have found that familiarizing myself with the domains on the CAARMS has helped me start to identify and categorize clients’ symptoms more accurately. Further, familiarity with this assessment has helped me shape my questions in sessions to elicit more relevant information surrounding the severity, frequency, and duration of a client’s symptoms.
I think using a tool like the 2-COM could serve a similar function – to help structure a session and draw out relevant information from the client’s experience, like you mentioned. This could be particularly helpful when a client is unsure of what information is necessary to share, with the added function of helping a clinician shape the goal of their session. It is nice to hear about how other clinicians new to EPI are processing the material.