Reply To: Challenges of Care with COVID-19


Hello Grace,
I’m new to EPI and Psychiatric Nursing so a lot of these assessments tools are new to me. That being said I can appreciate the 2-Com assessment tool because it gives me a starting point for my session with the client. I struggled with everything being virtual during the pandemic and missed the live interaction. The pandemic shifted how we interpret information and has caused us to adapt the assessment tools. I like the concept of the 2-Com as it will provide a snapshot in the clients well-being and provides a clients subjective view(s). The client filling out a 2-Com in a comfortable environment removes most/all the possibility of white coat syndrome being a major influence in an assessment.
I do like the 2-Com because it’s simple and straightforward and can be used to create topics for in-person sessions. Now that the pandemic is mostly over I find myself using a hybrid model for care with both remote and in-person assessments. I agree with you when it comes to a clinician being more aware of their critical thinking skills when interpreting a clients assessment of themselves.