Reply To: Family Involvement


Hi Palwinder,

I agree with your comments about family involvement. You’ve brought up a great challenge that many of us will likely face at some point or another in supporting clients and their support networks. I think I would explore with the client what their past attempts to discuss this with their supports have looked like and assess the communication between the client and their family. I would agree with the others in that this would likely benefit from a conversation separately with client, then family, then all together. Maybe working towards a goal of the client being able to say assertively to their family “when you [do this], it makes me feel [this way]”. I might focus some of the efforts on how the family members are making eachother feel rather than trying to shift their acceptance of the client’s limitations. I find so many families experience communication breakdowns after challenging events happen, or as life gets busy, so getting back to the basics of encouraging them all to acknowledge and validate one another as they are can often generate positive shifts.