I live in an area with varying cultures and population with different beliefs. There are many different perspectives and beliefs regarding psychosis and related mental health symptoms in my own experience, respecting cultural differences is key. What has helped me with this in my own career is learning about the different cultural pieces whether from family, the client, or research based resources while integrating this into my own practice. I have had youth that vary with their on beliefs in comparison to heir family, working to empower youth with a neutral lens is key, especially when supporting youth and family who may have different thoughts from each other.
In regards to your discussion Amber, I have had similar experiences, I have found again that with little to no safety risks identified or aligning direction from legal responsibility appreciating the individual experience and respecting their own outlooks is key to practicing in a world with such diversity. It sounds like you did just that, reflecting on this interaction is there anything you wish you knew at the time you were working with the client?