Reply To: Family Involvement


The benefits in involving families as partners in care are substantial: creating a support system for not only the client struggling with the diagnosis of early psychosis, but also creating a support system for the family as well to provide education and coping skills during the emotionally and mentally challenging time within their family system as dynamics shift. If families are involved as partners in care, it provides a safe place for the client within their family home to feel accepted, loved, and respected in a familiar setting. It can assist in the processing of their new diagnosis, as well as provide a deeper level of care. It can also assist clinicians in gathering vital information in regards to family history and other crucial aspects regarding the health of the family.
Some challenges of involving the family may be if the family is not emotionally or mentally healthy themselves, if they do not want to be involved, or if they have unstable family dynamics or little coping skills. Ways that some of these challenges to be overcome is education, referrals to the appropriate mental health supports to support the entire family, consistent check ins with the family, and supporting them in learning healthy coping skills.