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Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!

Working mainly one on one with the youth, while the clinicians have mainly dealt with the families, I have not had too much experience working directly with them, but I work alongside my team, and have come across many of the struggles that others face working with the families. I agree with a lot of the submissions above when it comes to the challenges that I have noticed that many clinicians experience when it comes to involving families is that the family will place a lot of expectation onto the team when it comes to services and the scope to where we can draw boundaries. A big part of the client’s recovery is the client wanting to see that change, and making active steps towards it. As the clients are adults, we can try to push them but it all comes down to them wanting to make that change before we can play our part. Parents often want the best for their children, so we try our best to understand when they get frustrated, and try to explain that we have to stay within our scope in regards to what we can do as a team to help, and that the change will not come right away, but will take time, as it is a process to get to the recovery stage.

Overall, most parents have been very thankful and have been a big part of their recovery process