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When working with families, the challenges I have encountered is my ability to provide education to families of diverse cultural, or language background. Finding the right words to describe psychosis and what this may look like can be difficult for myself. Although I can speak Punjabi, some of the words relating to mental health can be difficult to describe and explain. Additionally, if a family does not consider mental health issue as legitimate, it may limit the families willingness to participate in EPI programming. Leading the youth to engage in service solely themselves. Engagement can be seen as youth/client requiring services only.

Other times, I challenge with confidentiality myself in terms of when it is beneficial to share client’s presentation, changes (positive or otherwise), in hopes to gain a fuller picture of client wellbeing. However, utilizing the strategy of viewing EPI as a family program will be helpful. As it may allow for clients to be more willing to accept familial involvement and support.