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Yes, thank you everyone for your contributions to this conversation, I’ve enjoyed reading through your comments and can echo some of these experiences.

I find it most challenging to support families who carry intergenerational trauma that affects the trajectory of the client. As a clinician, I am always hopeful that I might support families as an entity to connect with EFFT, but parents must also be in a place of readiness to work on their healing as well, and parents have a lot on the go. In addition, I find that working in healthcare we approach our clients with a client-centred focus of care, enabling the goals of our youth, which may not be in-line with the goals the parents have for their youth. It can be a struggle to relay to parents what client-centered approach looks like in practice.

Another extremely difficult conversation that I have had to have, is surrounding the right for individual to live at risk, and to make their own decisions. It is morally distressing, to have to explain to parents that you cannot admit a youth based on substance use or enforce a youth to go to treatment based on substance use or what society/parents might see as ‘bad/poor’ or life threatening decisions.