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One challenge I have seen is when family expectations are beyond what our program can offer. One situation I have witnessed with my colleague is a family expecting a case manager to meet with a client multiple times a week to monitor behavioral issues essentially looking for a ‘babysitter’. One of the ways to overcome this challenge is to provide education on the EPI program and what resources are available to the client. It is helpful to acknowledge the stress and anxiety the parents are going through and to provide support and resources to the parents; i.e., parent and family education sessions or therapy sessions. A recommendation would be to identify the issues and symptoms and try to treat and intervene the psychosis while working with the team on stabilization and re-integration back into community. Another challenge I have encountered are parents who want to be involved but do not respond or have limited time. A third challenge is when family member shows limited insight into the client’s psychosis. An example of this is one of my client’s mother is trying to get the client to refuse her depot injection. She believes symptoms are caused by a supernatural presence in her room. I tried to provide education on the causes of the illness but struggle to get the mother to support pharmacological treatment.