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Hey Christine, your comment about clients struggling with the job interview process is very interesting. I’ve been discussing a new client in some other threads but have not thought about this yet. He is adamant to return to work, but I wonder if he has any concerns related to interviewing, and how, if asked, he will explain why he has not been working. He seems confident in conversation, but does exhibit some social anxiety, so this may be an avenue for me to engage him on his readiness to return to work. To your other comments, I’m not sure at this time if any teams offer these types of specific groups, but maybe starting groups that focus on conducting a job interview, for example, or specifically focusing on engaging peers in social settings, as opposed to focusing on the activity, might be really beneficial for some of our clients. I do have a client with ASD, but bipolar 1, as opposed to schizophrenia, but he has spoken a lot about social anxiety to me in terms of interacting with others. It might be a good idea for me to advocate with our rehab services team here in Kelowna around these specific topics! Thanks!!