It’s great to hear about client success stories! I love that!

I also see that in my practice: getting back into work or school full-time. I want to support my ct in their goals, but also make them realistic and achievable. I dial it back and look at their daily routines and ask them what they need to be able to do to get back into work/school? Do they need to wake up at a certain time? do they need to take the bus? do they need to complete homework assignments? Do they need to be able to pay attention to a task for a sustained period of time? etc….By having discussions on where there are currently and what skills they need to be successful at work/school, I can hopefully build some insight into whether full-time work/school is realistic. We can then start to create realistic goals and build readiness with the ultimate goal of school/work.

But even with all this, ct’s may still choose to dive headfirst into work/school and become overwhelmed and unsuccessful. But, it does become an opportunity to reflect and explore what went well and what didn’t and then review how they might approach things differently if they want to try again. Sometimes those experiences prove to be more powerful learning than the healthcare team’s recommendations.