I am a big believer in reintegration. It’s great to see such a focus on reintegration within this training. All of the clients I see who journey through psychosis struggle with integration into community. I work from a Circle of Courage model which is an Indigenous lens on wellness that essentially focuses on four integral values. One of these values is Belonging. The clients I work with who journey through psychosis are all battling isolative behaviour and self-report as incredibly lonely. Chronic loneliness is a foothold for mental instability. I don’t presently have a source for that statement but do we really need one? Part of my job is integrating youth into a community of healthy connections. It really makes all the difference when they find identity and purpose within a group. This can be terrifying at first having spent extended periods of time alone, but I find that generally youth will do the best they can to tough out the initial awkwardness of group interaction. My experience is that the idea of group integration is much more intimidating than the practice of it. If I can get a youth to the door of a social event (group, program, etc.) that is much more than half the battle. Once they are there, in the present, it’s never as intimidating as they believed it to be.