I have a client that is medication resistant as she believes it is taking away from who she is. She’s on extended leave and has to take the medication which also makes her feel like she does not have any rights to her own body. It has been a bit difficult to navigate this as I’m the one giving her the injection which has made it a bit difficult for me to build rapport with her. Although my client and I have opposing views when it comes to medication, I’ve been trying to build a therapeutic relationship with her by meeting her where she’s at. I did this by finding an activity that I felt we may enjoy doing together (painting by the beach). This activity really helped bring her guard down and she was able to be open and transparent to me. I was able to challenge her thoughts however, not in a way very I’m invalidating her feelings, I tired to approach it with curiosity. She has applied for review panel and if she ends up winning it she plans on stopping her medications. My hope for building a relationship with her is that she continues to stay connected with the program so that we can continue to support/monitor her.