Ironically psychologist whom I work with and I were discussing surrounding this topic as therapists when client’s are sharing their feelings and thoughts related to the medication concerns including side effects of weight gain and sexual, stigma, personal or family views/beliefs, more – how do we best support them without hindering therapeutic alliance. I find it in my experience, actively listening, validating, normalizing what really happening for them and with explorative questioning can help in understanding why/how they are coping and dealing with lots of sudden changes in life/personality/body all changes and what concerns they have in relation to medication compliance, within my scope of practice (its limited as mental health therapist), I will provide psyched. directly to their identified concerns and of course encourage to share with their psychiatrist and nurse, offer them support in facilitating the conversation when don’t feel comfortable. If somebody does share they’ve stopped meds. or deciding to come up in session, I do have the conversation that I’m hoping they can update their PT Nurse or I will have to as we are part of the team and want to support their recovery and respect their decisions as well. Medication compliance is sensitive topic, I find it providing clients with some research/facts information really is more helpful for the recovery and relapse prevention in the early stages and addressing their concerns especially weight gain with other strategies (diet, nutrition, exercise, so on).